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Villa San Pellegrino is a historic building that dates back to the early eightheen century. The property originally belonged to a famous noble family from Piedmont, the Count Scarfiotti. The dynasty was staying in the estate during the summer months enjoying thw Villa with wealthy nobles of international fame, one including the well-known Italian writer Gabriele D’ Annunzio.

Famous member of the family, Ludovico Scarfiotti, was a famous Formula One champion on the Ferrari team. Born in Turin in 1933 , Scarfiotti was the winner of the Italian Grand Prix in 1966 and remains to date the last driver to have won the Italian Grand Prix in Italy. His grandfather  was the president of the automaker Fiat and one of its nine founders. Ludovico Scarfiotti dies in a car accident while testing a race with his Porsche 911 in Germany in 1968.

The villa and the whole farm have been sold in the 80s to a well-known entrepreneur belonging to the Italian steel industry, who completely restored the entire property. The Villa became the seat of business meetings which was attended by leading representatives of the industrial world of the ’90s , as well as ‘ family residence.

In the early nineties , the farm was expanded and many olive trees were added to the plants, which now guarantee the production of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Villa San Pellegrino. 

Villa San Pellegrino has been completely renovated in the late eighties. The  entrepreneur of Venetian origin, commissioned the restoration of the Master Architect Profs. Gobbis from Venice. His work has infused a Venetian visible style in the structure of the interior and the materials used: Carrara marble, wrought iron and glass from Murano. All this has given the old mansion a unique beauty and refined style within a rural setting typical of the Marche region.

As part of the estate, a church consecrated dating back to 1462, as reported in the written texts of the Library of Macerata  The church was the parish church of Santa Maria del Monte. Legend has it that a pilgrim during his pilgrimage of prayer he collapsed and died on the very spot where stands the chapel ,from this it has named Villa San Pellegrino .

Now, the Villa is a prestigious residence for holidays and conferences managed by the family.

Conte Lodovico Scarfiotti
Pilota Ludovico Scarfiotti
Count Avv. Lodovico Scarfiotti 
Formula One Driver Lodovico Scarfiotti 
Consacrated Chapel from 1462
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